What does each category represent (Money Score, People Score, Information Score, and Infrastructure Score)?

 The MPI and ETI feature four main variables made up of subvariables, with the subvariables being adjusted for relevance of each index. Below are the same 20 subvariables outlined in Pew’s 2008 Government Performance Project. It should be noted that E-Governance was split into two separate sub-sub variables, Digital Democracy and Digital Governance. Below are the 20 subvariables and their definitions. The NMPI added a fifth variable group, Information & Communications Technology (ICT), analyzing 23 total subvariables. The three additional variables are also defined below.


The Money Variable

The money variable is responsible for captures all financial managerial responsibilities in fiscal management and competencies. It's the chief responsibility of administrators to not only keep the ship afloat but also ensure that it will continue to do so in the future. Projecting what conditions might look in the future ensures this.  Using 3- 5-year multiyear financial projections including student enrollments for the Texas school districts (which has potential implications on staffing and capital needs that might be important in the future), tax revenues expected to be gained through the increase in property taxes, as well as estimated expenditures.




The Information Variable

Sometimes called the other information variable, the information variable encompasses managerial practices that serve to enlighten, direct, or shed light on operational quality or systems performance. All subvariables measure whether the local government provides information to its constituency on various aspects of its administration.




The Infrastructure Variable

The infrastructure subvariables measure whether a local government provides the public with evidence of their plans for maintaining physical spaces, planning for future growth, and collaborating with stakeholders.




The People Variable

The people variable is responsible for the managerial policies, practices, and actions related to the system’s most important asset-its human capital.




The Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Variable

The information and communication technology (ICT) subvariables are characterized as initiatives to disseminate information using technology while also enhancing city services provided to citizens.